In the Beginning

Your adventure begins in the Elempas Region, also known in the past as the Helas RegionElempas is a primarily mountainous peninsula which also contains 8 islands. Civilization here is advanced and philosophic. The study of Arceus and other Legendaries are the main focus point of the scientists and philosophers here. Prof. Laurella is observing anomalies in your home town of Cyanava. She asks you to begin your journey so you can assist her in her research. Being 13 years old, you find that it's better late than never to start your adventure and agree to aid her.

So many Pokemon

Pokemon MxM introduces a large variety of new Pokemon to the canon, but this game excludes Gen 6 and Gen 7 Pokemon.

Your opinion matters

Have you ever answered with No while playing Pokemon and have been fooled into being forced to say Yes? Like for example when being asked for your help and you select No, but this has no significance? Well in Pokemon MindXMatter all your answer will drastically have an impact on where the story will take you and as a result there are different endings.

A Mountainous Challenge

Elempas is a primarily rocky and mountain covered region and trainers and experts alike have skillfully adapted to their surroundings. All leaders in this region are proud owners of a cave that works like a gym. To earn badges you'll have to battle your way through their cave of ordeals.

Main Story

Charged Cave (Electric-Type Pokemon Level 10-15) [Reward] Magnetized Seal

Dew Cave (Water-Type Pokemon Level 15-20) [Reward] Droplet Seal

Charcoal Cave (Fire-Type Pokemon Level 20-25) [Reward] Ember Seal

Moss Cave (Grass-Type Pokemon Level 25-30) [Reward] Growth Seal

Spirit Cave (Ghost-Type Pokemon Level 30-35) [Reward] Hex Seal

Sandy Cave (Ground-Type Pokemon Level 35-40) [Reward] Dune Seal

Enchanted Cave (Fairy-Type Pokemon Level 40-45) [Reward] Secret Seal

Contaminated Cave (Poison-Type Pokemon Level 45-50) [Reward] Acid Seal


Charged Cave (Electric-Type Pokemon Level 20-25) [Reward] Thunder Stone PokémonDollar1,000

Dew Cave (Water-Type Pokemon Level 25-30) [Reward] Water Stone PokémonDollar1,000

Charcoal Cave (Fire-Type Pokemon Level 30-35) [Reward] Fire Stone PokémonDollar2,000

Moss Cave (Grass-Type Pokemon Level 35-40) [Reward] Leaf Stone PokémonDollar2,000

Spirit Cave (Ghost-Type Pokemon Level 40-45) [Reward] Dusk Stone PokémonDollar3,000

Sandy Cave (Ground-Type Pokemon Level 45-50) [Reward] Earth Plate PokémonDollar3,000

Enchanted Cave (Fairy-Type Pokemon Level 50-55) [Reward] Shiny Stone PokémonDollar4,000

Contaminated Cave (Poison-Type Pokemon Level 55-60) [Reward] Black Sludge PokémonDollar4,000

Elite Six

You read that right, Elite Six! Six skillful opponents with strategies that will make you challenge the league over and over.

Normal-type Activist Hope

Bug-type Specialist Hearthorn

Ice-type Enthusiast Julian

Steel-type Blacksmith Brax

Dragon-type Hunter Edmont

Magic-type & Dark-type Alchemist Markus

Grand Region Champion Helena


Even though Pokemon Mind X Matter is non-canonical, it still has it's own place on the official Pokemon Timeline. Pokemon Mind X Matter takes place in the same universe as RBY, GSC, RSE, DPP, and BW. Chronologically it takes place 3 years after DPP and has strong ties with Sinnoh and its Pokemon.

A Brotherly Rivalry

Which quality is superior, having great intelligence or great brawn? This was the question that ultimately split the evil foundation Titan Corp. into two.