Final Evolutions

First Stage Here

Levithium (Leviathan Lithium) [Lev-vi-thee-um] Water/Steel

Many people have told folk-stories of the mighty Levithium which soar across the ocean current. They say whomever Levithium deems worthy to ride on its back must be destined for victory. The tail of Levithuim are considered highly unstable and when bumped into enough they will explode off. No worries though, Levithium always grow back their tails in no time! Levithium's signature move here

Abilities Torrent/Weak Armor Hidden Ability Proximity

Metallic Sea Monster Pokemon

Hit points | 89 | Attack | 110 | Defense | 91 | Special attack | 67 | Special defense | 89 | Speed | 92 | Total stats | 538 |

Phaenixair (Phoenix Air) [Fay-nix-air] Fire/Fairy

To be the trainer of a Phaenixair is truly extraordinary, you get to watch them be reborn from their sacred ashes. They have vibrantly colored wings that glow with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue! Phaenixar prefer to fly around large mountains at high altitudes above sea level. They make nest on mountain tops across the region, touching their eggs will get you blown off, but their kind heart will probably make them save you from falling. Phaenixair's signature move here

Abilities Blaze/Levitate Hidden Ability Ashes

Reborn Pokemon

Hit points | 110 | Attack | 105 | Defense | 65 | Special attack | 105 | Special defense | 65 | Speed | 88 |Total stats | 538 |

Aloegician (Aloe Magician) [A-loe-jiSHən] Grass/Fighting

Aloegician know how to cure every ailment known to man and Pokemon. They are said to pass down their vast knowledge medicine from generation to generation. If you present an Aloegician with roots or berries they'll make them into medicine for you with a small price of course. The smoke that Aloegician produces reinvigorates them while they battle. Aloegician's signature move here

Shaman Pokemon

Abilities Overgrow/White Smoke Hidden Ability Mystic

Hit Points | 80 | Attack | 85 | Defense | 89 | Special attack | 115 | Special defense | 105 | Speed | 64 | Total stats | 538 |

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