Starters 2nd Stage

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Ignagna (Igneous Unagi/Naga) [Ig-nag-na] Water/Steel

Ignagna travel deep into the ocean in search of a mate. When agitated enough the scales on Ignagna will detonate and could harm anything within a 5 yards of them. Because of their unfortunate condition they tend to be solitary Pokemon.

Abilities Torrent/Weak Armor Hidden Ability Proximity

Deposit Pokemon

Hit points | 63 | Attack | 83 | Defense | 75 | Special attack | 55 | Special defense | 73 | Speed | 92 | Total stats | 423 |

Regeniery (Regeneration Fairy/Fiery) [Re-gen-u-air-ee] Fire/Fairy

Regeniery are very cautious Pokemon and take a long time to trust their trainers. When in fear they surround their entire bodies with a cloak of embers. When a Regeniery finally lets loose with other members of its species they are said to dance beautifully, sending fire and ashes in circles. Right before Regeniary are about to evolve they faint and turn into a pile of ashes, it is then the responsibility of the trainer to keep these ashes safe in the minutes before it evolves or their spirits are lost in the wind.

Abilities Blaze/Levitate Hidden Ability Ashes

Fire Cloak Pokemon

Hit points | 85 | Attack | 81 | Defense | 47 | Special attack | 82 | Special defense | 47 | Speed | 86 |Total stats | 428 |

Shamactus (Shaman Cactus) [Sha-mact-us] Grass/Fighting

Shamactus travel for miles on end in large groups seeking enlightenment. Their right of passage is to bring back roots from an expedition and make it into tea. If the lead Aloegician finds it pleasant enough he will deem the Shamactus a honorable Shaman and then Shamactus evolves.

Tribe Pokemon

Abilities Overgrow/White Smoke Hidden Ability Mystic

Hit Points | 67 | Attack | 63 | Defense | 69 | Special attack | 92 | Special defense | 68 | Speed | 64 | Total stats | 423 |

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