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Steel Fairy

The Dragon type is one of the nineteen types.

Battle properties

Offensive DragonIC Big Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
DragonIC Big ½× ElectricIC Big
FireIC Big
GrassIC Big
WaterIC Big
½× SteelIC Big DragonIC Big
IceIC Big
FairyIC Big
MagicIC Big
FairyIC Big None


List of Dragon-type Pokémon

Pure Dragon-type Pokémon


Half Dragon-type Pokémon

Primary Dragon-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#043 Zapsilisk Zapsilisk
Dragon Electric
#091 Lavendra Lavendra
Dragon Grass
#108 Sprayvern Sprayvern
Dragon Water
#124 Skorcheras Skorcheras
Dragon Fire
#178 Fairentail Fairentail
Dragon Magic
#179 Maginare Maginare
Dragon Magic
#180 Elemdress Elemdress
Dragon Flying

Secondary Dragon-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#068 Terraborros Terraborros
Bug Dragon
#128 Doscale Doscale
Rock Dragon
#129 Drascaleon Drascaleon
Rock Dragon